Password Manager Comparison

After my last post, I was asked to compare the major password managers available at the moment. After feature only comparisons I have found the below:



  • Free on all devices for 25 passwords.
  • Legacy (when you die) feature.
  • Import passwords from other major password managers.
  • Add-ins for all browsers. No seperate application.
  • Virtual keyboard security feature to stop keylogging and other security features to come.


  • Legacy feature could be insecure.



  • Secure.
  • All devices with subscription.
  • USB key authentication.
  • Synchronize across devices.
  • Import and Export passwords.
  • One time passwords.
  • Virtual keyboard to stop keylogging.
  • LastPass Security Challenge. A handy tool to test password strength.
  • Supported on more older devices.


  • Free for desktop only – Must pay $12/year for mobile functionality.
  • No passing on of passwords when you die.



  • Software license management.
  • Ability to attach files to 1Password information. (Software licenses or paticular documents for internet banking).
  • Tags.
  • Seperate area for storing service passwords (FTP, router logins).
  • Customisable images can be set.
  • Clipboard removal of caches passwords. VERY GOOD!


  • $50.00 purchase price. 30-day free trial.
  • User defined syncing. Could be unclear for novice users.



  • Form functionality as well as password management.
  • Free for desktop use.


  • $10/year cost for all devices.
  • Interface looks old. (My opinion)

So what does everyone think? What is the best Password Manager available at the moment?


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